8 Time Consuming Hobbies to Keep You From Spending Money

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Do you ever just wish you could find something that would consume a large amount of your time so you could forget about going out shopping out of boredom? You’re in luck! That’s the whole purpose of this post! Let’s jump right in! Keep in mind I’m not suggesting you develop a new hobby by going out and spending a lot of money to do one of these on the list. What I am suggesting is that you look to something you already do for fun that takes up a lot of your time and then just doing more of that. Below is just a list of hobbies one might already have that they could do more of.

  1. Video games: My boyfriend suggested this one to me. Personally, I’m not much of a video gamer at all, but he loves loves LOVES them. He used to buy a new game online every week until we started trying to cut down on our spending each month. Now he plays his video games longer so that he can master them before moving onto the next one which is entirely what I’m suggesting to you! Don’t buy a new game before your master the old ones. In fact, go back to a game you’ve already beaten and loved before! There’s still lots of game time in older games! It could be super fun going on another adventure through it again!
  2. Quilting: This is actually one of my favorite hobbies and it often takes me weeks to make one of my quilts for myself or friend/family member. Granted, it can a little expensive if you don’t do some proper planning. That’s why I always try to keep my scraps and then go through the remnant bin when at Joanne Fabrics for fabrics I can use in my next quilt. I also make sure I download the app online so I can get the coupons. Also, the best sale of the year at Joanne Fabrics is their daffodil sale around Easter.
  3. Knitting: This is another hobby that you can do that is very time consuming. Again, it can be expensive if you’re not already a knitter. Joanne Fabrics and Hobby Lobby tend to be the places I think of for supplies for this hobby. Always remember to take advantage of sales and coupons!
  4. Working out via YouTube: There are TONS of free YouTube videos that you can watch to get your workout. The great things about this hobby is that you’re not only getting yourself healthier in the process, but you’re also not spending any extra money to do it!
  5. Write a blog or e-book: This is something that can get your creative juices moving for you! It is so easy to start your own blog or publish your own e-book. Both can be done completely free and can take as little or as much time as you want them to take!
  6. Learn how to program: This one is something that takes a little more skill by the user to be able to do. But there are plenty of free online courses that you can teach yourself how to program with. Would it be cool if you got super great at this and could add it to your resume later on? Totally worth it!
  7. Read a book: Again, this is among my favorite hobbies. You can sign up at your local library completely free and then check out books, e-books, e-audio-books, movies, and magazines for free! Download your local library’s app and you get can a large selection of these at your fingertips in mere seconds! Reading a book can take as little or as much time as you want it to take! Read for a few minutes or a few hours a day!
  8. Listen to audio-books: Again, it’s super easy to get free access to these from your local library. When I listen to audio-books, I try to pick ones that are as long as 20 hours because I know that it will take me at least a week to get through it since I only have so much time (just like the rest of you, I’m sure).

And there you have it! These are 8 super easy hobbies that you can do that will consume a lot of your time so you won’t be tempted to go out and spend money when you don’t need to. Just remember, some of these hobbies can be expensive so unless you’re already a quilter or a knitter, I don’t suggest them to be your go-to hobbies without shopping smartly for supplies.

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