How to Reduce Your Monthly Cell Phone Costs

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Have you ever asked yourself why you pay so much for your cell phone service? I have! I live in Aurora, CO which is a suburb of Denver. What I found when working with people here is that people have a weird sort of stigma against prepaid phone plans. I had literally never experienced that anywhere else that I’ve lived except here. People are constantly trying to keep up with the Jones’ here! It drives me nuts! So naturally when I started considering switching from my big unlimited plan with Verizon Wireless, people started giving me very odd looks. I even had one person get a little snooty with me and tell me that they “didn’t want to live like a poor person.”

Obviously, that response sort of made me think twice about what I was doing for a few days. I asked myself, “am I sacrificing too much just to save a few bucks?” I quickly got over it and finally realized that the person that said that to me literally has absolutely no idea what they’re talking about. I started my search on Google and started browsing through the websites of Straight Talk, Cricket Wireless, and Boost Mobile. Even Verizon has a prepaid version!

What I found during my research in these prepaid plans is that the coverage is almost the same as with the post-paid plans and literally a third of the price! Sure, if you live in parts Wyoming, North Dakota, or Montana, your coverage may not be as reliable or extensive with the prepaid plans. However, I don’t really have that problem since I live in a fairly big metro area. Those three states are among the least populated states in the nation so I’m going to go out on a whim here and say that most people won’t have a coverage problem with prepaid plans.

Also during my research, I found that there are a few drawbacks with prepaid plans. 1. You don’t have the most up-to-date phones to choose from. They’re usually a couple years older than the most newly released phone. 2. You have to buy your phone out right. There’s no option for payment plan like there is with Verizon Wireless. Therefore, your initial investment is a little more expensive but your monthly bill will be way less. 3. If you tell people you have prepaid cell phone service, you might get a douchy comment like I got when I first started toying with the idea.

So let’s do some math! With Verizon Wireless, I was paying $99.61 total per month for their unlimited plan and my phone payment since I didn’t pay cash for it (phone payment was only $20/month so my actual plan bill ended up being $79.61/month). I decided to switch to Boost Mobile since I could keep my phone number (I couldn’t do that with Cricket Wireless since my phone number has a West Virginia area code) and it was the cheapest. With Boost Mobile, I ended up getting 3 gigs of 4G LTE data per month, Pandora and other music stations stream with 4G LTE data without dipping into your initial 3 gigs, and any data after your 3 gigs of 4G LTE data is used comes in at 2G speeds. The price of this plan was $35/month but if you signed up for automatic payments each month (auto re-boost), was only $30/month. You can even keep your old phone from your previous provider if it is compatible and buy a SIM card!

So what were my savings per month by just switching to Boost Mobile and keeping my phone? I had to pay off my phone with Verizon Wireless before I could terminate my service with them but I was able to keep my phone and use it with Boost Mobile. Therefore, my overall savings per month was about $49.61!

Boost Mobile, Straight Talk, and Cricket Wireless just happen to be among the more common prepaid providers in my area. Your area may have another prepaid provider that is just as good. But I can tell you that my family lives in the middle of nowhere in Virginia and West Virginia and my prepaid phone with Boost Mobile works perfectly there. Personally, I think the switch from the big name cell phone service provider to a prepaid one was worth it all the way! And screw stigmas against prepaid phone plans!

If you’re looking for easy ways to save money each month, I truly encourage you to check out a prepaid service or even just check into reducing your data plan to a plan you actually know you use. If you only use about 5 gigs of data a month then there’s no reason to have an unlimited data plan like I had.

Disclaimer: I am not being paid by Boost Mobile or any of their affiliates to write an article about their service plan or company. This is 100% my experience.


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