Frugal Living: 4 Ways Your Life is Better by Being Frugal

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So I’ve been away for a few weeks due to work and haven’t been able to post. The reason is simply because my work requires me to be out in the middle of nowhere where phone signal is spotty at best and the satellite internet is the name of the game. If you’ve ever had to deal with satellite internet, you’ll know it is SLOOOOWW. And as circumstances had it, posting on here just wasn’t feasible.

Anywho, do you ever get weird looks from people when you tell them you try to live frugally? I do literally all the time. People see frugal living as me depriving myself of certain luxuries. Honestly, I don’t feel like I’m depriving myself of anything at all and would argue that I actually have more freedom than the people that give me the weird looks! Anyway, this post is to address a few ways as to why your life is actually BETTER than the the life of the people that are giving your those weird looks!

  1. You’re better equipped to handle any surprises! Let’s face it, when you’re frugal it means you’re living below your means. You’re saving more than your non-frugal friends and you know how to do more with less. If you were to be hit with a surprise layoff from work, you know exactly where and how to cut your expenses to soften the financial blow. When you’re frugal, it’s likely you already have a nice nest egg to draw from if something like this happens. The point is, you’re prepared and can manage for a little while with minimal disruption to your lifestyle.
  2. When you’re frugal, it’s easier for your to save for retirement! We all dream of retirement but did you know that there is a shockingly large number of people (especially millennials) that think retirement is a pipe dream? It’s true! It’s said that due to the tremendous amount of student loan debt that millennials have today, they don’t know how they will afford retirement at all. Honestly, I’m a millennial and I sympathize with this outlook, however, I still think people just need to stop complaining about what they *think* they can’t do and just start problem solving a way to get it done! Nonetheless, when you’re frugal your expenses are lower and you can save a higher percentage of your income towards retirement! The lower your expenses are now, the less you’ll have to save overall to cover your lifestyle in the end.
  3. You have more freedom! I get it all the time. People just think being frugal is all about deprivation. It’s not! When you’re frugal, you have more money to spend on things that really matter to you like vacation, travel, and experiences that actually add meaning to your life rather than material things! People that aren’t frugal generally don’t save enough to do these sort of things which makes my heart a little sad! I want people (all people) to have experiences that enrich their lives in some way. Buying material things just doesn’t do the same thing.
  4. Frugal people are happier! If you don’t believe me, give it a try! Frugal people have let go of the overwhelming urge to compete with their family or neighbors on who has the nicest stuff. They’re not trying to keep up with the Jones’ anymore. They’ve learned that experiences, and not things, are what makes them happier. Their stress levels are lower because they’ve learned that it doesn’t matter what most other people think. They’re doing what works for them and to hell with everyone else’s opinion!I’m convinced that once you make a decision to be a frugal with your money that you will also realize how much better your life is. So make it a challenge for yourself! I know it’s scary to go full on frugal but why not start with just a couple things to practice each week and see how you like the outcome in your wallet and your happiness? I’ve not met a single person that has told me they regretted being frugal! It’s actually been the opposite! Frugal people normally tell me that they wish they started their frugal lifestyles WAY earlier than they did! And I’m confident that you’ll feel the same way once you take the frugal plunge!

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