2017 Yearly Spending: Jan-Nov

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Hello again! I started thinking today that in addition to figuring out exactly what I spend for the month of December and keeping track of all that, that I needed to get a firmer grasp on what my overall costs for the year of 2017 were. I figured that writing this out will help me keep myself accountable all while giving me a baseline of my spending. Only then would I be able to know what my spending goals should be in 2018! So I’m going to start by listing the amount spent on my credit card by month as well as my share of the mortgage/utilities (my boyfriend pays all of the shared bills first and then creates a spreadsheet for me every month for my half of the bills which I pay him in cash).

CC: $867.98
Mortgage/utilities: $563.57

CC: $636.53
Mortgage/utilities: $613.97

CC: $1,125.50
Mortgage/utilities: $563.60

CC: $881.83
Mortgage/utilities: $562.96

CC: $1,110.31
Mortgage/utilities: $630.12

CC: $723.11
Mortgage/utilities: $566.48

CC: $3,908.68 (Started a new job and bought field supplies/new laptop.)
Mortgage/utilities: $758.05 (My boyfriend was kind enough to take my cat to the vet one day and foot the bill initially when I wasn’t home. This is why this month’s shared bills are more for me since I needed to pay him back.)

CC: $2,048.57 (Still buying field supplies for new job.)
Mortgage/utilities: $577.67

CC: $1,219.66
Mortgage/utilities: $386.43 (My boyfriend was helping me get my car ready for a long trip for work and put the wrong radiator coolant in, thus, causing me to have to get it flushed. I footed the bill and he took it off my share of the monthly mortgage/utilities.)

CC: $1,168.16
Mortgage/utilities: $514.46 (We got rid of a storage unit and its contents.)

CC: $1,180.46
Mortgage/utilities: $500.60 (We started being mindful of how high we were turning on the heat.)

CC: TBD but I’m thinking close to $800ish as I’ve reduced my spending this month because I bought Christmas presents in October and November.
Mortgage/utilities: $507.12

Total spent for year of 2017: $22,415.82
CC Total: $15,670.79
Mortgage/utilities Total: $6,745.03

And there we have it. For the year of 2017 I spent $22,415.82! That’s actually not as bad as I thought I was doing but I still think I could do a lot better. July and August were expensive months for me even though I don’t remember buying all that much in work supplies.

I’ve talked this over with my boyfriend and he wants me to try to get my monthly credit card spending down to an average of just $800/month. I started out strong in the first part of 2017 but I’m not sure that I could reduce my spending that much as I do have a spend several weeks at a time out of state for work and sometimes that requires that I stay in a hotel on my “off” days where I’m not getting reimbursed from work for. So I’m going to try to be more reasonable than I have been this year with my credit card spending. The goal I’m going to shoot for is to only spend between $950-$1,000 and if I meet the $800 monthly average that my boyfriend wants me to, then that will be a happy accident!

So what does that mean for the year? That means my goal for 2018 is to spend no more than $18,000!

So here’s to a new year of spending less! Join me in the goal to spending less!

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