Ms Frugally Ugally’s Net Worth – Dec 30, 2017

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Hello again, everyone! I’m a couple days late with my net worth post but I suppose this will be more accurate since it is closer to the end of the month anyway. At the end of last month, I decided that I was going to post my net worth at the end of each month to help keep me on track for my early retirement goals. A few posts ago, I determined what my FIRE date was which is December 27th, 2032. You can read that post to get all the details of how I came to that date by clicking here.

If you would like to compare last month’s net worth to this one in more detail, you can click here to read my net worth for November. Otherwise, I’ll just post the overall net worth for last month in this post for a quick comparison.

Current Savings:
T Rowe Price 401k: $19,520.68
Fidelity 401k: $13,542.04
Roth IRA: $2,809.26
Brokerage: $6,284.03
Savings: $24,174.54
December 2017 Total Net Worth: $66,330.32
November 2017 Total Net Worth: $63,350.45

As you can see, I increased my net worth by $2,979.87 since last month. My original goal was only to save an additional $1,500 but I was able to exceed that by putting $2,000 into my brokerage account. Since determining my FIRE date, I’ve decided that I can probably put about $28,000 into investments every year. I have already automated $2,000/month to be put into investments so there will be $24,000 invested without even trying. My plan is to let the remainder build up in my savings account for a short while and then transfer anything above and beyond $24,000 from my savings account to my Roth IRA.

I may even be able to exceed the $28,000/year mark into investments since I have recently started a side job. Before I got back from my work away from home stint, I had signed up to become an UberEats delivery driver. Unfortunately, it was taking WAY too long to be approved (3.5 weeks) so I just assumed I wouldn’t be approved to drive for whatever reason.

So last week, I decided to go to the local Jimmy John’s and see if they would be willing to work with my very unconventional work schedule (several weeks away from home and then a couple weeks back home at a time). It turns out that they were super desperate for drivers and agreed to work with my wonky schedule as long as I kept them informed. I’ve actually already worked two delivery shifts for them and the tips are OK. I made $50 in tips in about 7.5 hours split over 2 days. As you can see, the tips aren’t too bad. I haven’t gotten a paycheck as of yet so I haven’t gotten the other half of my hourly pay thus far. I’m totally fine with this. As it stands right now, Jimmy John’s is living up to the expected hourly pay of $15/hr including tips which I’m happy with.

However, after I’ve already committed to Jimmy John’s, guess who decided to approve me to deliver for them as well? UberEats! I guess they were just behind on checking driving records and backgrounds. I haven’t delivered for them as of yet but it is good to know that I do have another stream of possible income in case Jimmy John’s decides they don’t want to bother with my crazy schedule.

Stay tuned for upcoming posts chronicling my FIRE education and net worth!

PS. It just dawned on me that I haven’t been posting any of my liabilities with my net worth. I currently have no debt. I do not own a home but do help my boyfriend pay down his mortgage every month. I own my car out-right and I pay off my credit card at the end of every month. Therefore, I do not include my minuscule credit card payment as a liability since it was already paid off at the time of this post.

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