Frugal Living: Side Hustle Update

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Hello again, everyone! I hope your Saturday is starting off well! Mine has due to the simple fact that I feel much better than I felt yesterday! 🙂

Today, I wanted to give an update about the side job. As some of you already know from past posts, my current side job is as a delivery driver for Jimmy John’s. I will be doing this job when I come back to Colorado after being away for a few weeks at a time doing my real job up in North Dakota and Wyoming.

Side note: I’m actually mostly happy that I got this 2nd job at Jimmy John’s. I recently received an email from the company I work for stating that they will be implementing a schedule of 2 weeks on/2 weeks off as they have lost the contracts for a few rigs. Their plan is to keep everyone employed and spread out the work as best they can before considering layoffs. EEK!!! They expressed confidence in their ability to land new contracts this year in 2018 but reading this email definitely spread fear over me! Overall, I think the oil industry (especially in North Dakota) will gradually ramp back up over the course of the next 2 years. But working for 2 weeks (instead of the usual 3-4) and then having 2 weeks off definitely lowers my income considerably. So this raises the question of whether I will be able to meet my goal of investing $28,000 total this year. I suppose only time will tell.

Anyway, back to the side job talk! I just received my first direct deposit from Jimmy John’s yesterday. My net pay was about $138 for about 22 hours. Keep in mind that this is below minimum wage only because I actually get paid my tips and mileage out at the end of the shift the day that I work. I do get a paycheck from this side job every Friday and the pay period runs from Wednesday to Tuesday. However, this particular paycheck for me included 1 hour of orientation on the Tuesday of the previous work week because they did not have my direct deposit information in time to be paid that Friday. So how much did I make?

From December 26, 2017 to January 2, 2018, I worked about 22 hours and made a net paycheck of $138. I will list tips below based on day.

Date Worked Tips and Mileage Combined  Notes
12/27/2017 $24.75
12/28/2017 $25.65
12/31/2017 $30.93
1/1/2018 $9.32 They let me go home after only being there 1.5 hours since it was SO SLOW!
1/2/2018 $67.98

So what did I actually net per hour from this job? It comes out to roughly $13.48/hour after taxes. That’s actually not bad! I was expecting about $15/hour before taxes so with the $13.48/hour after taxes, it means I’m actually grossing closer to about $17-$18/hour before taxes. Yay for this turning out better than I expected! However, there is one downside to this. I’m not sure why but they scheduled me for 28-32 hours of work when I told them I only wanted a maximum of 15 hours a week when I was actually back from working my real job. I’m not sure if this will be something that will persist into the future or if this is just something for my first 2 weeks there. The only reason I got only 22 hours is because there were a few days they actually sent me home early because it was so slow due to the holidays. If it does persist when I come back from North Dakota at the end of January, I will need to have a talk with whoever does the schedule. Realistically, I should be able to get my maximum desired hours in about 2 days of work.

Also, to be quite frank about it, this is a side job. It is supposed to help bring in extra cash to help me potentially retire a smidgen earlier than I planned. I 100% expect side jobs to be mostly chill and laid back, ESPECIALLY delivery side jobs! When it stops being fun or the expectations start becoming ridiculous for this particular job either in responsibility or expected hours worked, I can just quit.

But whoa, wait a minute, you say! You literally don’t work at all when you’re back in Colorado. What’s 32 hours of a delivery job to you? That’s nothing! Yes and no. When I’m not home in Colorado and am actually up in Wyoming and North Dakota actually LIVING on an oil rig in the middle of nowhere and I literally work every day for 12 hour shifts. Therefore I’m literally working 84 hours a week when I’m away from home. That’s over 2 weeks of work in 1 week. Why would I want to come home and work another 20-30 something hours cutting into my free time with my boyfriend and friends? The answer is, I wouldn’t and I won’t. 15 hours is the maximum and I’ll just see how the schedule goes when I come back from North Dakota at the end of January.

I hope you all enjoyed my update about my side job. I suppose I ranted a little bit in this post. But I think that is to be expected when you’re still a little sick, had a semi-scary email from your real job that happens to threaten my retirement plans a little, and are semi annoyed about a minor ordeal at a job you don’t really need at the moment. Stay tuned for more updates in the future!


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