About Me

Hi there! I’m Ms Frugally Ugally! For privacy reasons, I won’t be revealing my real name. Right now, I’m a 31 year old geologist living in Aurora, CO who scours the internet every night before bed for personal finance blogs involving early retirement and frugal living. I started this blog as a hobby but with the hopes that maybe one day it will become something more.

I know there a lot of people out there that think early retirement is a pipe dream and don’t know the first thing about frugal living. What I hope to make this site into is a gateway for people to learn a little about personal finance, frugal living, and to chronicle my endeavors in both of these areas to hold myself accountable and help myself reach my goal of early retirement.  At this point, my idea of early retirement changes almost on a daily basis. I do hope that you will enjoy reading my blog posts as I upload more as time permits.