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2017 Yearly Spending: Jan-Nov

Hello again! I started thinking today that in addition to figuring out exactly what I spend for the month of December and keeping track of all that, that I needed to get a firmer grasp on what my overall costs for the year of 2017 were. I figured that writing this out will help me keep myself accountable all while giving me a baseline of my spending. Only then would I be able to know what my spending goals should be in 2018! So I’m going to start by listing the amount spent on my credit card by month as well as my share of the mortgage/utilities (my boyfriend pays all of the shared bills first and then creates a spreadsheet for me every month for my half of the bills which I pay him in cash). 

8 Time Consuming Hobbies to Keep You From Spending Money

Do you ever just wish you could find something that would consume a large amount of your time so you could forget about going out shopping out of boredom? You’re in luck! That’s the whole purpose of this post! Let’s jump right in! Keep in mind I’m not suggesting you develop a new hobby by going out and spending a lot of money to do one of these on the list. What I am suggesting is that you look to something you already do for fun that takes up a lot of your time and then just doing more of that. Below is just a list of hobbies one might already have that they could do more of.

How to Reduce Your Monthly Cell Phone Costs

Have you every asked yourself why you pay so much for your cell phone service? I have! I live in Aurora, CO which is a suburb of Denver. What I found when working with people here is that people have a weird sort of stigma against prepaid phone plans. I had literally never experienced that anywhere else that I’ve lived except here. People are constantly trying to keep up with the Jones’ here! It drives me nuts!

10 Ways to Lower Your Monthly Vehicle Costs

Owning a car can be one of the most expensive things in your monthly budget besides your rent or mortgage payment. That’s why I think it is important that you focus on lowering your costs of owning a vehicle as a first priority. In this post, I’m going to give a few simple tips on how to reduce your monthly costs of said vehicle. So, let’s just jump right in!